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    Oil on Canvas
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An image based around the idea of what would happen to Goldilocks if she did indeed encounter three bears.

We often take fairy tales at face value. Through this painting, I hope to educate children and adults, that it is not cool or okay to sample the beds and food of a family of bears. The results could be disastrous!

This portfolio features various stages of this projects’ development. Listed below are some supplementary details.

  • Final painted version
  • Detail shot – Goldilocks
  • Detail shot – Papa Bear
  • Detail shot – Baby Bear
  • Detail shot – Mama Bear
  • Detail shot – Ficus tree and homage to artist Thomas Kinkade. Every good home seems to have a Kinkade painting on their walls.
  • Progress shot – color areas are roughed in
  • Progress shot – added some shading and volume to bears
  • Progress shot – installed the wood floors
  • Progress shot – wall development, painting and quilt added
  • Progress shot – fine-tuned elements, final picture before adding the gore
  • Concept Sketch – Goldilocks (top torso)
  • Concept Sketch – Goldilocks (bottom torso)
  • Concept Sketch – Mama Bear
  • Concept Sketch – Crude Baby Bear
  • Concept Sketch – Papa Bear
  • Concept Sketch – Initial version of interior space
  • Concept Sketch – Enhanced version of interior space