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A pun-based piece that plays around with the definition of kid, and the once popular movie The Karate Kid.

Embracing the definition of “a young goat,” this piece places a kid into Ralph Macchio’s role as The Karate Kid. Outfitted with his iconic white and blue lotus bandana, this kid is ready to take on  even the fiercest Cobra Kai members. I went through a series of poses and faces for this particular piece, including ones that embraced the iconic crane kick. Unfortunately, those didn’t make the cut, and I went with a less dynamic and non-confrontation pose, focusing in on the idea of youth and playfulness.

This portfolio features various stages of this project’s development. Listed below are some supplementary details.

  • Final printed version of the image. 7-Color Silkscreen Print.
  • Initial sketch for final illustration
  • Alternative goat heads
  • Vector version of the image – This image provides a basis to how the image should have ended up printing. Due to the size of this image, I had to increase the line weight of the final print, in order to ensure proper color trapping.