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A pun-based piece that plays around with the idea of hush puppies.

In this piece, I combined the traditional definition of a hush puppy (a small, unsweetened cake or ball of cornmeal dough fried in deep fat) with the idea of a puppy (a young dog). These little puppies are in their own little world, doing what puppies love to do. Initially, I had hoped to work in more distinct dog breeds, but ultimately ended up settling on these more generic round forms, as I didn’t want to get too far away from the idea of a hush puppy. I have also included a little test/teaser image in this portfolio, as I was experimenting around with some initial coloring and compositional concerns.

This portfolio features various stages of this project’s development. Listed below are some supplementary details.

  • Final printed version of the image. 6-Color Silkscreen Print.
  • Initial concept sketch
  • Hush Puppy Test
  • Initial Concept Drawings
  • Initial Concept Drawings