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A pun-based piece that plays around with the idea of crab-apples.

In this piece, I combined the traditional definition of a crab apple (a small, sour, wild apple) with an imagined crab in the form of an apple. I was able to experiment with a new software, and for the most part I was happy with the result. Although the software adds significant time to my current process, I’m hoping to continue learning and developing with it.


This portfolio features various stages of this project’s development. Listed below are some supplementary details.

  • Final printed version of the image. 7-Color Silkscreen Print.
  • Initial concept sketch
  • Rejected Crab Illustration
  • Another Rejected Crab Illustration
  • Simulated Layer 1
  • Simulated Layer 2
  • Simulated Layer 3
  • Simulated Layer 4
  • Simulated Layer 5
  • Simulated Layer 6
  • Final Simulated Layer
  • Detail shot of print before the final trap layer.