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  • Media:
    Oil on Canvas
  • Dimensions:
    20" x 24"
  • Availability:

Commissioned in 2011, this image was designed to be cover art for a children’s fantasy novel.

The work is painted with oils, on a cotton canvas, measuring 20″x24″. I have included some detail shots of the painting. Commissioned by author Matthew Irvin, and completed in 2012. Aschwood Academy marks a joint writing partnership between Matthew Irvin and Brandon Gaus, and I had the honor and privilege of reading a beta version of the novel. I’m excited to see what is next from these guys!

This portfolio features various stages of this projects’ development. Listed below are some supplementary details.

  • Finished painting
  • Detail of figure
  • Detail of building
  • Approved concept sketch for painting.
  • Initial concept sketch for painting.
  • Concept sketch featuring different rock and entry way gate treatments.
  • Concept sketch featuring different treatments of figure’s hands and outfits.