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  • Media:
    Silkscreen Collage
  • Dimensions:
  • Availability:
    2 originals available
  • Year Completed:

A silkscreen collage exploring some new color combinations and vertical patterning.

The numbers in the title of the piece correspond to various components of this individual work.

  • 86 – Describes the number of segments used for this project.
  • 14 – Represents the number of segment colors. There are 14 different values and hues that compose the structure of this image.
  • 167 – Describes the number of color layers to create individual segment colors. Each color segment consists of anywhere between 10-15 colors.

These prints are the result of my ongoing exploration of the possibilities and limitations of the silk-screening process. With this work I discovered new color pairings along with some limitations to segment layout.  From this, I hope to develop more of a database of colors to inform a more epic and engaging work.

This portfolio features various details of the project. Listed below are some supplementary details.

  • Final collage
  • Detail shot – focusing on some of the many color layers
  • Angled shot  – focusing on how the image was constructed