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    Oil on Canvas
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A pun-based piece that toys with the saying “A bun in the oven,” when referring to a woman’s pregnancy.

In this piece, I attempted to combine both oil painting and silkscreen with hopes to create a naturalistic scene. After the main focus of the painting was completed (oven and child), I attempted to silkscreen a dot pattern over the image to create the typical halftone pattern found within many commercial stove tops. Unfortunately this idea failed as the oil paint was too thick to adequately pass through the screen’s mesh. I have included a snapshot of the disastrous result, which required another 20+ hours of involvement to repaint and fix the painting underneath.

This portfolio features various stages of this projects’ development. Listed below are some supplementary details.

  • Final painting image
  • Initial base layer including some of the drawn line work.
  • Continued development of the painting.
  • Continued development of the painting.
  • Continued development of the painting.
  • Final view of main image before the printed silkscreen layer.
  • Close-up of child before silkscreen layer.
  • Disastrous result of silkscreening oil paint.